Once you own a small business or provide any services, the last thing you want is to be invisible.
Registration on Biass will provide the visibility that you need!
Biass Team designed a unique platform only one of its kind, which allows Small Business Owners, Service Providers, Manufacturers, Designers, Musicians, Photographers, Artists, Freelancers, Shops & Others to get a Free Customized Website with a rich functionality and to enjoy an exclusive business presentation on Biass.net and its network Biass.us, Biass.ca, Biass.co.uk, Biass.in according to business preference.
How it works?
1. Registration.
You will register on Biass.net, will choose multiple locations visibility, and will provide basic information about your business activities. Once you complete the registration steps, you will become a Business Member and will get an already active Customized Website on Biass.
4. Reply to inquiries.
You will receive notifications about clients' inquiries for purchases. You will have the opportunity to make your offer by replying directly to potential customers who are interested in products & services related to yours.
2. Customized website design.
You will have access to a wide collection of website designs. All website designs will have a perfect appearance on phones & tablets, too. More than that, you will able to change the design at any time when you want. For more information about "Biass Website" go to Free Business Website.
5. Advertise.
All information on your customized website at the same time will be promoted on Biass.net and its network. Biass will take all information from your website and lead it to Biass categories: "Companies", "Product Store", "Inquiries" and "News". For example, Your Products & Services will be sold in the section "Products & Services" on Biass. Your News will be displayed in the section "Business News" on Biass.
3. Add information.
By using an easy management account, you will complete your profile with information about your business. Add products/services for sale, news, upload video presentations, create new customized pages and more.
6. Follow & Develop.
Website Analytics will help you monitor website users and formulate a sales and internet marketing plan.
It's free!
Biass.net is a beta version. If you run into any trouble or if you have any questions, please contact us.